Leadership Development

Leadership Development is about expanding one’s ability to think about and engage in the process of leadership. Sessions in this track aim to challenge one’s current understanding of leadership, provide them with new perspectives, and prepare them to develop their leadership identity.

Professional Development

Professional Development sessions address how to leverage one’s skills, knowledge, and abilities to successfully direct your career path.  Sessions in this track will discuss how leadership shapes the approach to work, and they will offer opportunities to learn new skills while enhancing existing skills in order to achieve individual career goals.

Membership Development

Member Engagement & Circle Development sessions provide insights and practical training on critical circle functions, such as recruitment, fundraising, marketing, and programming. Sessions in this track will concentrate on the tangible actions of circle members that will promote member engagement and create a positive impact in one’s local circle and community.

Building Leadership Skills and Competencies*

The Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Educations defines a skill (or competency) “as a proficiency, facility, or dexterity that is acquired or developed through training or experience. Skills or competencies are developed through experiential learning. [They] must be practiced in order to be maintained. ” The 2022 NLC is using this framework for our Leadership Competencies track. Sessions in this track will be 90 minutes and the attendee must learn at least the rudiments of that skill during the session.

*Skills and Competency Areas

Open and Honest Communication
Collaboration / Listening Skills
Organization / Time Management
Planning and Project Management
Influencing for Results
Leading and Developing People

All concurrent session presenters must register and pay the appropriate fees. Presenters must attend the entire conference in person and be available to present on any day. Presenters must attest that all conference presentations and materials are their original work; and/or that they will obtain permission to use any materials that are not their original work and correctly cite the original source(s).